About the MFC

The McGill Food Coalition is a gathering of individuals and organizations who aim to reduce profit-driven food structures on the university campus and re-instill social and environmental dimensions into the food system at McGill. It connects the entire university population, bridging between student food groups, staff, and students.

Our Mission

● Ensure food accessibility and inclusion for all students while remaining critical of varying accessibility needs
● Act as a liaison between the many existing working food groups by pooling resources and information
● Democratize the food system in order to maximize student wellness
We strive for a food system that supports any student-run food-related initiatives by facilitating access to resources and volunteers.

Our Objectives

o Collaborate with existing working food groups for maximum synergy
o Increase the presence of nutritious, accessible food at the university level
o Promote food-related projects actively underway on campus as well as in the greater Montreal community
o Attract students for educational and practical events centred around food, from production to preparation
o Research and survey the university population to create a holistic image of the McGill food landscape and ensure student issues are correctly identified and addressed
o Campaign against the monopoly of McGill’s current for-profit catering agency, Dana Hospitality

These objectives are the stepping stones that will allow the student population to reclaim control over the food supply at McGill and amplify student-run food related businesses and initiatives.

The right to accessible, nutritious food is a fundamental one. Food goes beyond the simple transaction that happens at point of sale; it is also a way to create community spaces that promote inclusivity and improve campus life.

Let’s build something together.

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